Being part of European Union, Baltic companies are forced to compete in global arena. Baltic’s joining EU is encouraging a bigger inflow of foreign investment, more mergers and acquisitions, more new companies established, with a consequent need for good key people.

The consolidation of many sectors and the impact of new-economy businesses have created a marketplace of extraordinary change and fluidity. The economical growth has provided companies with revenue and resources to expand, but at the same time, it bolstered expectations of owners, investors and corporate boards.

As companies begin to recognize the importance of human capital in implementing more aggressive, growth-oriented strategies, they are also confronting the shortage of executive talent. Attracting and retaining the most qualified people who bring the highest levels of relevant experience to organizations are fundamental to success and survival in a world of growing competition.

For this reason, companies are looking for search consultants who are proven professionals of the highest quality and competence. Amrop Hever Baltics has been pioneer in executive search business in the Baltics since 1993, working with the most influential companies in different industries. We are proud that, 7 of 10 assignments come from clients that we have served before.

/Aiga Ārste-Avotiņa/

Aiga Ārste – Avotiņa

Managing partner Riga, Latvia +371 67210408

Viesturs Lieģis

Partner Riga, Latvia +371 67210408

Astra Pudāne

Assignment Manager Riga, Latvia +371 67210408

Jānis Bedrītis

Assignment Manager Riga, Latvia +371 67210408

Hanna Luīze Grase

Researcher Riga, Latvia +371 67210408

Ilona Baumane - Vītoliņa

Consultant Riga, Latvia +371 67210422

Vineta Ancveire

Office Manager Riga, Latvia +371 67210408

Larisa Kovšare

Researcher Riga, Latvia +371 67210408